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When you learn that life is not always fair is when you learn to bear with the pain and move on. Remember we're all going to die anyway so be happy for as long as you can and never forget that You Are Amazing&I Love You. I know what hurt feels like,and I know what it feels like to love and loose,I know what loneliness feels like,and I know how it feels to be hurt,but most of all I know that when you get past it all you'll find love and you'll know that it was worth it all.The scars will mark you forever and that's what will help you realize that eventually you move on and no pain is permanent.When you come across love don't ever let it go .Fuck The World.Fuck what people say.BE YOURSELF,Theres no one better
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"Is it okay to feel like a stone?No happiness,no sadness,no pain,just emotionless?"
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my favourite hobby is not wearing pants

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"I destroyed my body for a peace of mind I never got."
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I will always want you.

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Hi, I’m really tired of feeling unwanted.

— 1 year ago
"Exams On,No Posting For A Bit. Not that anyone gives a shit"
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